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Changing Children's Worlds Foundation

Confronting Abuse- Changing Lives

CCWF strives to improve children’s worlds through awareness raising, education & training, and advocacy to advance more peaceful families and communities. Through their programs they address a universal need for all families, with an especially high benefit for high-risk communities, to understand their child’s needs and to give caregivers the confidence that they can support their child’s successful, maximum development. Often, they provide the foundation for participants in their program to give their children more positive life opportunities and experiences than they themselves had. CCWF strives to reduce the incidence of intrafamiliar violence, maltreatment and neglect through strengthening the capacity of parents, caregivers and communities to care for children’s health and emotional well-being.

For every child and adolescent to be supported in positive development by caregivers and professionals within loving, non-violent families and peaceful communities