Tri Cities Exchange Club - Batavia, Geneva & St. Charles, IL
Becoming a Member 

Michael Hayden speaks at Tuesday morning meeting. Photo Credit: Kimberly Lescelus
As it is with any service club, the Tri-Cities Exchange Club has an ongoing quest to add new friends with new ideas and a renewed commitment to making our communities even better places to live. This is not a club that demands a lot of your time, but it is a club that puts its time in for many worthy community causes.

If you would like to consider membership, join us at one of our weekly morning meetings.

The Tri-Cities Exchange Club meets weekly at 7:30 a.m. Tuesdays at the ST. Charles Veteran Center (311 N. Second St ) in St. Charles. Club business is discussed each week, but the main attractions are speakers from the community sharing information about their jobs, their projects or other aspects of life in the Tri-Cities. We have open discussion meetings once a month in which the various club committees discuss what they are working on.

That's Michael Hadden.  He grew up at Mooseheart, and is now a proud owner of a business in St. Charles.  Mike spoke at one of our meetings, shared his incredible story, and then joined our club!

Besides being a part of service club that give back to the community, Exchange members enjoy many additional benefits of being a member of the National Exchange Club.  To find out more please visit National Exchange Club.

Those who are interested in joining our club can get more information by emailing [email protected] or join us at any of our Tuesday morning meetings.

We look forward to hearing from potential new members and we invite you to join us at our weekly meeting at any time.

Photo Credit: Kimberly Lescelus
"Friends of Exchange" are a part of our success, too!

Friends of Exchange


Various members and officers of the Tri-Cities Exchange Club have helped organize and provide manpower for various club activities and fund-raisers, but equally important has been a growing list of those who can't commit to club membership at this time but  are anxious to help by volunteering for events and fund-raising efforts.

Those people are considered "Friends of the Tri-Cities Exchange Club" and they are "on-call" to help us when needed. Some of these people travel during the week and can't attend the weekly meetings, or have other personal or work-related commitments that don't allow full participation in the cub at this time.
But many eventually do become members. 

We encourage anyone who feels this would be a good option, and feel they could volunteer to help on an occasional fund-raiser, to drop us an e-mail note or give us a call.

Our "Friends" receive regular updates on Club activities and information on upcoming events and programs.

Anyone who would like their name and phone number added to our "Friends" list, can do so by dropping a note to [email protected]